arrow One average tree absorbs 48 pounds of Carbon Dioxide per year which, on an acre basis, is the amount equivalent to driving a car for 26,000 miles.
arrow While reducing CO2, the average tree produces 145 pounds of Oxygen.
arrow ShortStop TGR enhances both the use of Carbon Dioxide and the production of Oxygen in treated trees by producing more chlorophyll per unit leaf area.
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Short Stop Tree Growth Regulator CanisterWelcome to the ShortStop 2 SC Tree Growth Regulator (TGR) support website of Greenleaf Chemical LLC. 

This site is dedicated to providing information to homeowners on the newest Paclobutrazol based TGR formulation now being used across the US by leading Utility, Arborist and Landscape Companies to slow the growth and  improve the health of selected trees and shrubs.

The Plant Growth Regulator activity of Paclobutrazol, the active ingredient in ShortStop TGR, was discovered in 1975 by the Founder of Greenleaf Chemical  while employed by Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd.  Although ShortStop is the newest available Product, Paclobutrazol has been commercially available on trees and shrubs since it was Registered by the EPA in 1982.  Paclobutrazol is also widely used in the Greenhouse and Nursery Industries to produce compact more aesthetically pleasing plants with the newest Product being Downsize Ornamental Growth Regulator, which is also available from Greenleaf Chemical.

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