arrow One average tree absorbs 48 pounds of Carbon Dioxide per year which, on an acre basis, is the amount equivalent to driving a car for 26,000 miles.
arrow While reducing CO2, the average tree produces 145 pounds of Oxygen.
arrow ShortStop TGR enhances both the use of Carbon Dioxide and the production of Oxygen in treated trees by producing more chlorophyll per unit leaf area.
About Us

Greenleaf Chemical LLC was founded in 1999 by Dr. Roger Couture, who discovered the Plant Growth Regulation properties of Paclobutrazol in 1975. 

After several years of Development, we introduced the newest Paclobutrazol Brand PGR to the Greenhouse and Nursery Industries in January 2006 under the Tradename of Downsize Ornamental Growth Regulator. We subsequently partnered with Phoenix Environmental Care, other leading Chemical Companies, key Industry Consultants and a Nationwide Team of Independent Representatives to bring quality and affordable generic Insecticides, Fungicides and Herbicides to the Marketplace.

With the advent of ShortsStop TGR, we expanded to the present 26 Distributors, in close cooperation with Plant Growth Management Systems (PGMS).  PGMS provide additional field support along with several Experts and Consultants to the Arborist Industry.

We look forward to continuing to bring more and more affordable Products to the Green Industry!


Thank you for visiting our site.  Please click on the Slide Shows to see common Paclobutrazol treated plants.

2009 ShortStop Support - Tree Growth Regulator
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